Gobbels now tries to find a woman who can be a suitable partner for his future career. Magda Quant is a fine-looking woman who has contacts high up in the party machinery. (see footnote)


Magda was born in 1901 in Berlin, Germany to twenty-year-old Auguste Behrend, the acknowledged daughter of engineer Oskar Rietschel (sometimes spelled 'Ritschel'). Rietschel and Behrend married later that year and divorced in 1904. Some sources, including Hans-Otto Meissner (son of Otto Meissner) suggest that the marriage took place before Magda's birth, and that Magda was legitimate, but there is no particular evidence to support this.
Magda's mother Auguste married a Jewish manufacturer called Richard Friedländer, later presumed to have died in the concentration camps, and moved with him to Brussels in 1908. They remained in Brussels, on cordial terms, until the outbreak of World War I, when all Germans were forced to leave Belgium as refugees, to avoid repercussions from the Belgians after the German invasion. (more)