But there is another side to Zarah's paradise. An actor Florian Richter witnesses a deformed woman, Dodi, being beaten in the street by a group os SA men. Passers by simply look the other way when Florian tries to persuade them to intervene. (see footnote)
Florian Richter (Olle Persson)

The role of Florian Richter is partly based upon the fate of the german actor, Joachim Gottschalk:

Joachim Gottschalk
10. April 1904 in Calau; † 6. November 1941 in Berlin). He went to school in Cottbus where he took his first drama lessons. Later when he was engaged at the Württembergischen Volksbühne in Stuttgart he met his wife, the jewish actor Meta Wolff. They married 1931 and in February 1933 their son Michael was born.
After the Nazis came to power his wife was forbidden to work but Joachim Gottschalk managed to keep his family situation secret to the authorities and was able to continue his career. 1938 he was engaged at the UFA and he became one of the most popular actors in Berlin. But after the 1:st Sept. 1939 the pressure from Goebbels became severe; he demanded him to divorce his wife or to give up his career and sent to the front. But Joachim Gottschalk refused and since they did not have any chance of rescue nor escape, they committed suicide with their son. (Wikipedia.de)