Mind the Gap! composed 1997 is now available for listening with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra cond. Mikko Franck. (recording from the premiere Feb. 1999, prod. Jan B. Larsson)

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A top review of the new CD by Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter:

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”Cd-review: one of the foremost Swedish symphonies ever written:

Västerås Sinfonietta makes pure magic of Anders Nilsson's orgiastically flowing fourth symphony. But the composer also shows his strength in a playful piano concert, a suite of the opera about Zarah Leander.
Martin Nyström

Anders Nilsson
"Orchestral works"
Eva Ollikainen, Martin Sturfält, Västerås Sinfonietta and many others
(dB productions / Naxos)

It's always a pleasure to hear a new work by Anders Nilsson. In what genre it may be. In everything from smaller solo pieces to large-scale opera, one is struck by an incredibly good composer. And the works on this full-featured CD are no exceptions. Here we hear the exciting springy and playful Piano concert, the decidedly lucky and aggressively marching "Zarah Suite" of the opera about Zarah Leander and the Franz Liszt-owning "Chaconne" for solo piano.

But above all, we get his organically flowing fourth symphony from 2016 with its wonderfully rising four-tone theme that wanders from horizon to horizon, and as Västerås symphony under Eva Ollikainen makes pure magic. This has to be one of the premier Swedish symphonies that have been made.¨
A new CD released today, Feb.16 2018, from dBProductions with the Fourth Symphony and other works:
Anders Nilsson Orchestral Works (dBCD184)