Piano concerto no.1 was composed 1997, commissioned by the Swedish Chamber Orchestra which also premiered the concerto with Mats Widlund, soloist and Petter Sundkvist conductor in Örebro concert hall, 1998.
The form of the concerto is the classical in three movements with the order of tempi of fast-slow-fast. However, the first movement begins with a small concertino part with the opposite order. It also introduces the musical material to the concerto, based on layered fifths which brings a certain lyrical timbre to the other movements.
The concerto could be charaterized by its rythmical vivacity, both in the solo as well in the orchestral parts. There are also lyrical parts as in the second movement where the piano outlines against a background of dark timbres of the strings. The third movement is a rondo, including a cadenza for the piano and timpani.
The music in this concerto is full of playfully fancies and virtuosity.

Released on CD with Martin Sturfält as soloist, Västerås Sinfonietta, cond. Gábor Takácz-Nogy
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