KRASCH! for saxophone quartet, percussion ensemble and tape, was composed 1993 on commission by National Insitute of Concerts for Kroumata and Raschèr Saxophone Quartet.

The title is a mix of the names of the ensembles but it also describes the beginning of the piece. After a sounding crasch we are in the midst of a turmoil of musical events. This first part also changes the functions of the instruments involved to let the percussions plays the melodic material, whereas the saxophones plays the rythmical material.
In the second part, which is peaceful and contemplative, the tapepart extends the sustained tones by the saxophones to complex chords, to which the percussion instruments plays a more solosistic part.
The third part unites the two groups of instruments to an almost asian coloured music, against the more electronic sounds on the tape.

¨KRASCH!¨was a beginning of a further cooperations with the ensembles, resulting in pieces like ¨Rounds¨(marimba + 6 perc.); ¨Orbit - concerto grosso no II¨ (for 6 perc. and stringorch.) and ¨Concerto grosso no. I¨ f. saxophone quartet and orchestra.
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