¨Mind the Gap!¨ is an overture for orchestra, written in 1997. It was inspired by a visit to London, which also reflects by its title; the wellknown announcement heard on the underground stations. The musical ideas deals with big gaps between highest and the lowest registers of the orchestra. Somewhere in the music a quotation from Purcell´s ¨Funeralmusic to Queen Mary¨ is also heard, as a tribute to the great composer who has the most touching epitaph (in Westminster Abbey): ¨Here rest the earthly remains of master Henry Purcell, whose music is only imposed by the place where his soul now rests¨(free recalled from my memory). There is also a reminiscence from the music of his time in the gigue rythms of the strings.
Mind the Gap! Was premiered in 1999 by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Mikko Franck: